Spoiled Bones is a safe space for every human being. For anyone who has a story to share, who wants to be heard, and help others by sharing their story. For anyone who has ever overcame anything difficult and survived to be able to tell it in any form of self-expression you see fit. For anyone who has experienced any form of abuse as a child, teenager, or adult, or for those who believe they may be experiencing abuse, or know without a doubt that they are, and want to learn more about what it looks like and what to do to get out of these types of situations. This is an outlet for those who want or need to share their story anonymously or not anonymously, no matter what stage you are in. Whether the trauma is currently happening, just was, or was long ago. This serves as an outlet for those who need to shed their skeletons for themselves and for others who will deeply benefit from the education of the dark, dangerous web that is abuse. We want to shed light on an often not discussed, unfairly underrepresented hazy blanket of what being mistreated by those you are supposed to be able to trust can do to the mind. We want others to know that there is always hope, and a way out, even in the darkest places. We not only want to share our experiences with trauma and abuse, but any difficult subject, event, or experience that you overcame that you believe others will benefit from knowing. Anything you feel is worth sharing IS worth sharing. This is just the beginning and thank you for being here.