I want to apologize to


All the girls I assumed were mean just because they are beautiful.


Ke$ha for not taking her seriously because she made “party music”, when the truth is she has an extremely high IQ and was being abused by her producer.


The woman I saw at camp when I was 12 who I judged for her short skirt, instead of judging a society that claims your outfit = consent.


Miley Cyrus, for thinking it was funny that she had a “breakdown”.


Anyone who told me their story of sexual assault, to which I thought “why didn’t they report?”. I know now how heartbreaking and often fruitless that process is.


Women who choose not to shave, for thinking our natural bodies are “gross”.


Myself for every thinking I was “not like other girls”. For fearing my femininity and hiding the desire to connect with other women beneath a cloak of internalized misogyny.


To all my sisters: I am truly sorry. I am slowly but surely unlearning all of my toxic mindsets. In 2020, I see you, I believe you and I stand with you.

written by Alyssa Davis

Alyssa Davis photographed by Dan Hacker

Alyssa Davis | @alyssacdavis Dan Hacker | @dantastic

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