You are exhausting You are constraining You wrap around me like a snake You squeeze till I can't breathe You are manipulative You are relentless You keep me from being myself You take and you take You won't stop even if I asked You wouldn't listen that's not your style You are a fly that's buzzing in my ear You are the bird and I'm the worm You pull and tug, pull and tug, pull and tug You are ripping me to pieces You are a siren screaming in my ear You won't stop even though I'm begging You don't care because you want it your way You won't let me escape you because You are everywhere but I can't see you You always find me when I'm vulnerable You always find me even though I run away You can be irresistible, and you know it You love seeing me give in You love watching my downfall You crave the moment I let you win You are always in my head You gnaw at my brain until I just can't take it You finally got to me You have gotten your way

You won, but you already knew that

written by Jonathan Friedlander

Photo by Jonathan Friedlander

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