the first thing you said to me in four years is “damn sexy” with two flame emojis...


yeah what? okay you were probably drunk we were together for three years after not hearing from you since curiosity struck me deeply; I let myself remember, but only the good things what a foolish mistake nostalgia always paints the past with a glow it doesn’t deserve we were just two kids you cheated on me with so many people that I had to tell people to stop telling me about it, because we were done; after so many different people got in touch with me I started to really lose myself in it I was in my bathroom for months I quit my job I had to - you slept with my coworkers and yours but I survived I learned a lot but things were dark for a while I asked about seeing each other meeting for coffee catching up to laugh and to reminisce you replied “I have no interest in catching up with you” I felt the deep pit in my stomach start to harden and tighten, sweating but I took a few deep breaths and to be honest you’re right why the fuck would I want to get coffee with you writer has asked to remain anonymous Cassie and Salma photographed by Lauren in Charlotte, North Carolina Cassie | @cassandrathegreat_ Salma | @salmanabahh Lauren | @_portraitmami

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