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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Photo by Ryan Pham.

I look down and breathe

for a few moments.

The sunshine feels like a hug I need.

Feeling the air sustaining me,

I am here, now.

I don't want to let any of it go,

but I have to.

everything is fleeting,

whether it is pain or pleasure,

it doesn't last.

at this point most hearts

have turned cold

from terrible experiences

mixed with mind conditioning

but love- love is all there is.

love is oxygen.

love is the only thing that lasts.

you might split your heart

open fifteen times, crashing,

burning- trying to understand

what love looks like.

what it smells like.

what it feels like.

sounds like.

tastes like.

you will trust

the wrong hearts

with your own,

but unconditional love is worth the agony.

It is worth the nights alone.

It is worth the failed, previous attempts.

The mistakes, traumas, tribulations...

It is worth finding someone

who understands the delicacy

of intimacy, the longevity of what

it means to really intertwine into

another human being, accepting

them for every single part.

It takes a lifetime to get to know

who you are on a spiritual,

deep level, as we are ever

evolving and spreading roots.

To try and wrap your brain

around an entire person

accurately will take a lifetime.

Love is the reason I want to keep going.

Be gentle..., be gentle with you

and everyone around you

as you explore what love is.

-written by Sarah Maria

Photo by Ryan Pham.

Photo by Ryan Pham.

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