Amiable Reject

It haunts me like a little boy trapped in a man’s body or a little girl trapped in a woman’s body that has night terrors. Nothing to me is scarier. The name given upon me called….

Tears streaming down my face like a waterfall

I’m affected

By something that causes mass suicide

I’m neglected

Call me a ‘Zombie Boy’

Dead to be too giving

Dead to be too trusting

Dead to be too loving and caring

Dead to be too hard working

I’m infected

I wake up to look in the mirror

As I see me, reflectin’

I had an epiphany

That my demon’s name is, Rejection

It’s the worse pain

So difficult to explain

But if I take this knife to slice open my wrist

Watch as you witness the wine pouring

Of unspoken loving words inside the wine remains

Drink my wine, it’s pure

The carelessness you have

The hatred in your heart

My wine will heal you

It’s me, the cure

There’s a message in these words

Did you decode it?

I wonder what it’s like

To not hear anything

While looking at nothing but white light

This looks like my future

Vividly bright


He speaks to me like Lord Smaug

His breath enshrouding over my ears

Like Mt. Everest fog

“I. Am. Fear.”

“I. Am. Death.”

The Amiable Reject

-written by Antonio Logan

Self portrait by Antonio Logan.

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