Bruised Goodbyes

The day before you left

I kissed the corner of the bed frame with my thigh

Purple lip prints smudged and grouped together

creating beautifully broken blood vessels

Screaming and crying for repair with each touch to their surface

I clutched my skin as you started saying your goodbyes

Accepting the despair that comes prior to the healing

As I grieved the loss of you, the bruise spread across my skin

Vibrant in color and discomfort

Overnight it grew across freckles and turned my leg

into a galaxy of broken hearts and dreams

Until it reached its full deep hue

As the days have passed

the promise of you leaving has been kept

A bright yellow light grew from the plum depths

yawning and stretching its rays

As the bruise healed, my heart grew lighter

The swollen lids encasing my eyes

and raised skin on my thigh

Returned to their soft, thin ways

and I am left with the dull pain

of the memory

your kiss left on my forehead

written by Madison Yarborough | @writingbymad

photo by Madison Yarborough

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