burnout track

But in the end you and the fog were one in the same; beauty and mystery intrinsically intertwined in your being. And I was the city, welcoming you as you wrapped yourself around my walls, smiling as you suffocated me. In an instance I found my walls crumbling, capitulating under the current of your caress. You were always a supernova on a burnout track, and I was the final stop; too blinded by your brilliance to care whether you consumed me or not. We danced in impermanence, balancing somewhere in between life and death, the highs and the lows, the greatest mountain and steepest valley. You came and went swiftly and silently in that way only you could. And in the end you and the fog were one in the same.

written by Issac Wright | @driftershoots

Shot by Isaac Wright.

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