Can't Stay

Good night to the sun, as she dissipates into the land.

She is just passed the waters, just passed the sand.

Her job is complete, she’s fulfilled our demands.

The moon with her glory, begins her ascend.

High in the sky, she brings light once again.

Come the stirs from nocturnals,

Be it animals and men.

She gazes below her, in awe this is true.

For a world so monotonous, each night is a new.

The warmth that the sun left, carries into the night,

So the moon rests in comfort,

There to reflect all her light.

They only meet in crossing, for together they can’t stay.

The moon meant for night, the sun meant for day.

Although not forbidden, Tis impossible you see

for I’m opposite you, and you opposite me.

A melancholy friendship, due to less hellos than goodbyes.

Each know the other is needed, in order to rise.

So go on little Luna, there are rules to oblige.

But smile on your decent, for you helped the sun to the sky.

written by Whitney Gantner | @foul_mouth_creative

Photo by Whitney Gantner

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