celestial collision

They never tell you just when exactly it's going to hit you, the trauma that is. It slips surreptitiously to your door step, meets you on the morning drive or like me, in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. It's funny how we're always okay until we're just not, how we can be solid and crumble moments later, or how we can break down and still move forward all in the same day. I grabbed my groceries and walked dreadfully towards my apartment when the sky erupted and poured rain on me until I met my apartment steps. I set my groceries down, stepped into the storm and looked up to see the sky even split in two, a fissure between light and dark, looming clouds clashing against the setting sun, rain and radiance coexisting in one single moment of time. The rain ceased and it was in that very moment that I understood everything all at once. We are allowed to be rain and sunshine at the same time, we are allowed to hurt and to love, to be in pain and healing, to be okay and not okay, to be on the ropes one day and come out swinging the next. That's life. So don't cry to quit, cry to keep going. We are here, we are present, a celestial collision of light and dark, the sun and the storm all in one, the atmospheric art on this canvas we call life. We are human.

-written by Issac Wright

Photo by Isaac Wright.

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