Depression makes the world feel colorless.

Things you used to enjoy lose their appeal.

Small tasks seem impossible.

Because to do laundry you have to gather the laundry.

And to gather the laundry you have to see the laundry.

And to see the laundry you have to turn on the lights.

And to turn on the lights you have to get out of bed.


You feel incapable of feeling anything, until something small brings you to tears.

Everything you repressed is brought to the surface and you sob over a cup of spilled coffee.

You wipe up the coffee. Forgive yourself for spilling. Forgive yourself for crying.

And fight another day.

written by Alyssa Davis | @alyssacdavis

Alyssa Davis photographed by Alex Williams. Makeup artist is Sarahruth O'Boyle.

Alex Williams | @apwmedia Sarahruth O'Boyle | @modern_alchemync

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