Dear Body,

I’ve put you through quite a lot in the last two years. I have hurt you - internally and externally - in desperate and disgusted attempts to make you something else. I have rejected photo opportunities due to my hatred of you- I would’ve rather been unseen in you entirely than make a (potentially unattractive) memory. I have listened to the world and it’s raging, ever changing stigmas. For this, dear Body, I am sorry. You have changed a lot these last two years. You’ve expanded and shrunk, gained new dimples, stretch marks, scars, and lines. But you have also become the skin and bones home to some of the best memories, premature laugh lines, and precious gifts. You are more than just temporary beauty- you are strong and majestic, home to a passionate creative’s mind. Your hands might not be the long, slender, dainty things I’ve always wished you to be, but they are hands that soothe babies to sleep. They are hands that wash dirty feet, dishes, and the hands that pull notes from pianos and guitars. Your skin may not ever be clear, but that skin is where my smiles live, where my tears find fresh air and my anger and embarrassment blaze. Your belly rolls and rounded shoulders are not aesthetically pleasing, but they are where my comfort and ease find new rest. They encase my lungs and my heart, Divinely breathing and beating renewed life every millisecond of every day. Your feet might not be tiny, or large, but they are just the right size and they’ve carried me for miles in the pouring rain! Your hair might not ever be the kinky curls I’d prefer, but that same straight hair covers a brain full to the brim with rich words, a passion for learning and teaching... It is the framework jewel to the place my mind calls home. So you see, dear Body, you are more than what the world looks at- whether fondly or otherwise- and as such, you are deserving of more from me. So here’s to loving you, the way you were Made- the way you stretch and crinkle and everything in between! I can’t promise to always love you well every moment- because I’m human, as you well know... but I can promise to keep seeking the One who made you this way- just so!



Madison photographed by Sarina Edwards.

Madison Forman | @madisonn.foremann

Sarina Edwards | @sarina.edwards

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