I stopped inviting you over

and I stopped inviting you out

well before you decided

to break up with me

you begged to read my poetry

so I sent it to you

but you couldn’t focus

long enough to understand

where my emotions rang from

you stopped paying for me to see you

unless you could figure out something

to make it better for you

unless a pink pill slipped

in between my lips

or I had too much to drink

and every time I heard

from your lips that

I wasn’t pretty or skinny or smart enough

I let it fall off my back like

tears you wanted to fall from my eyes

I told you my kink is leading men on

but I think yours is something very similar

too bad two negatives equal a positive

because the most positive thing

was to end the friendship

the exact way I told you it would

you disgust me.

written by Alexandria O'Connor | @lex_oconnor

Hanah photographed by Jordan in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Hanah | @not_hannah Jordan | @jordanshootsfilm

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