Easy to Love

I wish you’d let me love you Do you think that you aren’t worthy? The nights I stay up thinking I hope she doesn’t hurt me

I wish you’d let me love you Let me fill your cup with joy Break down your walls of trauma Life should be shared and enjoyed

I wish you’d let me love you I’m banging on your door Open up your heart to me I’m begging you for more

I know love seems so hard But it can be so easy Just let me in I can calm your breathing You’re easy to love You shine so bright How do I explain You’re the bright stars in the darkest of nights Loving you is easy If only you would let me

written by Sarah Desourdy

Gin photographed by Felice in Ontario, Canada

Gin | @ginandjustice Felice | @felice.c0m Sarah | @sarahdesourdy

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