EnFamous Onslaught

You will now know defeat

Certain women

Certain men

Are not backing down now

As a warning from this old best friend

You'll have nights where you are scared to sleep

Casting yourself into a dark oblivion

Welcome to becoming the ultimate Black Sheep

Your arrogance is tacky

Your loyalty in friendship is BLASPHEMY!

There's so much strife

We're both in agony

Why do you ruin people's life?!

Your ego is as big as your ass 

You burn bridges to reach success

You will never become the GOAT

Lucifer's beautiful mess

Half a mil followers yet still flying coach

Get the fuck off your high horse

With your current character

(You better run!)

I'm going to desiccate your mojo 

With a vicious poetic deathblow


To say the least

You've pissed off a lot of people

You've hurt a lot of people

Including me

The one you hurt

The one you cannot outrun

Is a tactfully malicious beast

As you're my victim to my paper

My pen is my weapon

I will write out your darkest sins 

To the world with your blood as ink Leaving a massive stain upon your name.

You made this personal

This war between us is insane

Feel my fucking anger

Feel my fucking pain

Slice open your veins

Spilling 10 pints of fake

In a man-made ocean of tears

Your entitlement

Your selfishness

Your two-faced ways

Will be your perennial mistakes.

-written by Antonio Logan

Antonio Logan photographed by James Thomas.

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