They say I have your nose Your eyes Definitely your sense of humor But the worst gene of all The gift that keeps on giving Easy to recognize when I have a drink in my hand or white on my nose When I smoke 5 cigarettes instead of 1 When enough is never enough Thank you for your Sense of...dedication? Nope...not the right word Addiction Yeah that’s it I’m 24 and I can’t have a drink It’s never just one sip It’s never just one night Do you have any idea how hard it is To cope with the fragility of your mentality At 24. With no help of understanding who you are Why you are the way you are Why some days you wake up so okay Then the next is numb I’m 24 and I have to take my vitamins I have to drink water I have to have a good diet It’s never a just a slight adjustment It’s all or nothing It’s binge and purge or be healthy I’m 24 And I’m so tired Of being so god damn fragile. Words of positivity become empty Fueling the fire of bitterness and rage When sometimes Just sometimes You just want someone to say “Damn, that shit sucks” So here I am With those that are bitter and shattered Dropped and broken Tired of being tired I am the voice The voice of written by Sarah Desourdy | @sarahdesourdy

@aabdulinaa shot by Casie Wendel in Los Angeles, California | @casiewndl

Makeup by @pastelvogue Outfit by @imbeckymarquez

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