Graved me / Saved me

I am the I am

I am what I see

My name is Mellow Head

Catalyst for the sheep,

she breathes deep

It's what my chest says

It's the layers upon

which the words lightly shed

So take hold of this thread

Tie it like a knot

Throw it in the ocean

And see what you've got

A fish in motion

Somewhere between the bottom

And in limbo, you'll find me

Blending in with all the minnows

In the rush of the sea

Been swimming with sharks since day one

With their meals wrapped around my feet

Like I owe them some

This game we play, God and I

Or so be it,

Keeps the hunger alive

For now I'm in a tank bigger than I

Plotting around ways to survive

Playing with the amphibians, whose playing with me

Ten toes on the ground

A menu for the weak

At the bottom I check myself in

Like I own a sweet

Knowing the hunger only lasts

As long as I stay weak

The chase has stolen my name

Made me see,

That the water has played a part

In giving it back to me.

Only dive deep

If you cant see the end

The darkness will let you in,

But it ain't no friend

I locked arms with the beasts around me

And we found our way to the top

Like monkeys in a barrel,

A simple sailor's knot

I have high respect

For the ones who seek truth and find their way to collect

Move their way through your blues

I have begun, again

Caught by the fin

By someone who claims

To be a friend

I am no longer alone.

Captured by the thrown

My city grave me pick me back up and saved me

I look around me And this is what I see

A breathe of fresh air

A few waiting on my peek

Sung like a melody

I am he

as you are he

as you are me


we are all here together

I found myself in the city again

Trying to begin, again

And this time

there are no chances to be given

They are only taken

Not from me,

But by me

So to speak

And this time she's got a plan to seek

My sweet city

Will take care of me.

And so it goes

Running shoes

Wrapped around ten toes

And I'm off

Now, now jelly

settle down

You've made

A deep Rumble

A brilliant sound

Top shelf

Plans I've made for myself

Generations of spirit work

Done with stealth

Can't tear me apart

From my heart from its wealth

Water to wine, grapes to the mouth

It's that Sunshine flow

Florida-born South

I tell them when I meet em

Don't forget to chew

I've got

Bottles of purified water

A banquet set for you

But damn do I feel it

moments when I get out of my wit

I'll undoubtedly quit

Any and every endeavor

That's helped me see fit

With ten toes

Planted to the ground

Its hard to move silent

Without making a sound

But I'm hungry.


There more to life

than drunken arguments

Stitched with defense

That tear down

And undermine

my white picket fence.

I know it.

So I ran.

Packed the foreign full

Traveled past the gutter

Into the white light pull


clicked my life's shutter

through the grapevine

straight to the city.

Looked pretty

Pretty much the same.

Except the city

didn't have the homies.

Or a home for me.

I search and searched

For souls like mine

In the gold minds

of the 704

Ripped to shreds in the trenches

I kept going.

I kept walking the inches

Cause I'm hungry.


There's more to this.

I know it.

Stay hungry they say

But I wanna be fed

Cause when they coming search for the mellow

It'll be all in my head.

I am the I am

I am what I want to be

But if my third eye ain't open

There is nothing to see.

-words by Jordan Naico

Jordan Naico photographed by Bishop Archie.

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