Haunted House

It is a haunted house

And I am the ghost

Imprinted in its very essence

Woven into every crack

Its skeletal makeup is my own

I am bound to linger

And bring about fear

I walk about in the streets

But I am not there

My mind is chained to the past

Unable to walk out

The front door is open, but

I am a prisoner by association

To fight would be a waste

Energy meaninglessly poured into the void

In an attempt to what?

Avoidance is not the answer

Confrontation will not save me

The past cannot be altered

So here I remain

An empty room

Filled with memories

Of red and cream colored skin

Purple blotches scattered about

Transparent shards

Reflective materials

One with the rug

Drenched in stains

That will never be erased

Busy streets

My feet move about

People, I pass

Chaos surrounds me

Routine seeks to confine me

But I am not there

Two hundred miles away

A dull suburban town

I am the ghost

In that haunted house

written by Chloe Ray | @itschloeray

Madison photographed by Gaige Robinson in Indianapolis, Indiana

Madison | @writingbymad Gaige | @gaige_robinson

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