How to lose your religion

The first time you committed arson was on a church

It's a Sunday morning and the pastor is preaching All that's running through your mind is the way her lips matched the color of your sheets And the trail of clothes that led to your bed Instead of worshipping God you begin to kneel at the thought of

Her collar bones and crooked smile No angel could compare to the way she looked undressed Church became more of a Sunday morning visit Except

Your bed was the candle lit Pew filled room When she was in it Your faith is at an all-time high and She warned you she was the farthest thing from Godly But her moans sounded more beautiful than the choir's hymnals And her kisses were communion What did that make her?

Praying turned into sweet nothings murmured through heavy breaths Would God approve? Now it's 4 a.m. and you're at her door

Another man's car is in the driveway And the bedroom light is dim She won't answer the door God's not listening You get home and drop to your knees The first time you committed arson was on a church written by Sunni Burks | @lilmintjuulpod

Photo by Sunni Burks

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