I am young and I am dumb

I know that I am young

and I am dumb

and I know I make mistakes

But I also know that

I cannot criticize my mistakes

I cannot judge my mistakes

I can only grow and learn and change

I am becoming a stronger person

a wiser person

a smarter person

with every mistake that I make

I do think that the actions

that I have taken were

riddled with mistakes

But I also know that I am learning

growing and changing with every mistake I make

I am staying conscious of my thoughts

and my actions and my people

and I am keeping a watchful eye

on how I react and act so that I know

without a doubt

when I leave this place I will leave it better than when I came in

written by Michael Betzner | @michael_betznerphotography

Lucy photographed by Michael in Raleigh, North Carolina

Lucy | @luucybluue Michael | @michael_betnzerphotography

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