I dare you

Cold, barren, beige

Me myself, left terrified, sad, in a daze


I don’t know, this confusing place, I call my brain

A civil war in my skull I fight every day

I tried ending all feud and furry but what’s built is built

And at the end of the day

all I felt was self hatred, frustration and guilt

Cold, barren, beige

Hospital rooms with one trashcan and a cold bed

Don’t give me that pencil

god forbid I stab myself with the dull lead

Don’t treat me like a human

god forbid Dr. Asshole sees me on my death bed

Watch me

I dare you

Cold, barren, beige

I'm left with flashbacks and fear

Scars on my memories

Rocking back and fourth, my brains my own archenemy

Who am I

When will this war end

I'm turning into those memories

Just like that penitentiary

Cold, Barren, Beige

written by Yazmin Ocampo | @ocampo_yazmin

Yazmin Ocampo photographed by @phannypaccc in Winston Salem, North Carolina

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