I’ve set myself on fire

I’ve burned brighter than sun

I’ve shined in the darkest corner

I’ve been the light at the end of the cave

I’ve been the lighthouse shining over the ocean

on the dark, dark night as the sea

moves around me, over me, and under me

Like a snake wrapping around it’s prey

Tightening its clutches little by little

As the light begins to be overwhelmed

I start to realize it will be never enough

And now as I lay here

The match no longer strikes

The bonfire in my chest has

Reduced to a small spark

My skin is charred

I’m left to be a pile of ash

the light inside has been relinquished

I’ve set myself on fire

For others warmth, despair, and anguish

Forgetting that I am the keeper of this flame

I’ve given it away without a second guess

Again and again and again and again

To just come back and feel the same

No more because this time around

I’ve set myself on fire

For myself and only myself

For I deserve this flame

More than anyone else

Written by Jonathan Friedlander | @jkf.png

Shot by Jonathan Friedlander

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