If there wasn’t a you.

If there was no you

this world would have never

experienced a truly divine human being.

Everyone has flaws and you knew how to hide yours well.

You seemed unstoppable, powerful. You were the most positive, genuine human

being my heart ever was lucky enough to love. You brought so much light to this dark, scary world we live in. You are a hero, a true and definite king to a world of jokers.

You saved everyone and everything,

little did you know you would save me. Even though he had no one you stood up for him.

A broken four-legged miracle and you nursed him and saved him.

You took a broken animal and made him into the king he now is because of you... you saved him so he could save me. You didn’t know that, but without your savior instincts, I wouldn’t be here. Every tail wag and smile on his face lights my heart knowing that he is a part of you.

I’m not alone.

I’ll never be alone because you are up there, watching over us.

We miss you.

Until our souls meet again.

-beautifully written by Amber Travers

Photo by Sarah Noga

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