Keep me

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

You come into the room

with a force so unforgiving

the world stops to look. 

I quickly become overwhelmed

with emotions from what I am

laying eyes on

A man with strong arms

and somehow I know

an even stronger mind.

You come inside,

you close the door,

the world continues on

but I stay enchanted,

I stay looking, I stay waiting

You keep me calm, keep me cool.

Your words are like drugs that I’ve never done

before but I’d do it again if I had the chance

you push me you pull me

with every word you say

but my body stays still

as to not interrupt the stories

coming from your lips and

the theories coming from your brain. 

You keep me soft, keep me warm. 

It’s been 3 hours now

but my body still stays

in the chair you found it in.

The only idea of time I have is

from my phone buzzing every few minutes

from an appointment I must’ve missed

while I was enchanted by your lips.

Keeping me so calm but so intrigued

isn’t an easy task but you seem to

pull it off as easily as pulling off your coat

I lose all sense of myself

but yet I’m 100% sure that I want you. 


You are the one thing I’m certain of.

You keep me calm, keep me cool.

You keep me soft, keep me warm. 

And you can keep me

and I’ll keep you.

-written by Michael Betzner

Daniel shot by Celeste Call in Berlin, Germany.

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