La Morte de Dame

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

by Johnny Lee Chapman, III I was never good at flirting

But I did happen to meet someone:

La morte de dame.

Our introduction was natural.

In biology it's stated improper cells are self-destructing

Autolytic actions transcribed into genetic codes

You could say it's in Utero

When I wanted to obtain Nirvana

Reaching a Cobain conclusion

Dreaming of absolution or evolution

But the downgrade of my mental well-being

was the shotgun barrel above my taste buds...

One could take a razor blade

Settle a scar for each insufferable moment from thumb to elbow

Commit a midday massacre of skin cells

Screaming like hemolytic heresies

As the pain subsided

Death became my main squeeze

I believed suicide to be another form of fornication

My chance to deliver my depression and spill my matter.

It's easy to scream "She’s not the one" but I don't hear you

My heart is already set on setting this soul free from physical imprisonment

The drug of choice for a depression addict

Filling the spots that the alcohol and weed can't reach

An acid trip without the psychedelic colors,

rather a serotonin laced spiral into a puddle of lucid self-mutilation

Anxiety is a transmitted disease delivered by Death

For they have many partners, all giving themselves unprotected

No rubber to take away the shock of the cold edge against bare skin

So please do not make this a fight for religion or righteousness

Only those with similar stories can even scratch the surface

Believe me I was one of you, a trooper who fought in the trenches,

bombarded with the feelings of failure.

The self-destruction may seem like a wake-up call,

but it's only a snooze button pushed every time the alarm is raised

A note with my bloody signature still exists

A reminder as to why she’s my Ex

Death is the perfect mistress

She answers every DM past two in the morning when you've had too much to drink and wonder why not put an end to the pain once and for all.

To those wishing for an introduction

I ask that you change your conclusion

A passionate night may take the temporary pain away

but will permanently remove any pleasure you may one day seek

Let them down easy though

Their cool twilight hands will envelop us when our bodies are broken

Thank them for the time and return your elements back to the universe.

For she is la morte de dame

Lady Death

Oliwia P shot by Chris Vongsawat.

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