Let Me Run Something Bi You

Growing up I'd question myself Do I really feel this way Or is it some trick my mind Likes to play Maybe I just think they're cool And I admire them Is it so outrageous To admit to myself That I feel this attraction

These are the thoughts That haunted my younger years Repressed and forgotten But never out of sight I had dug myself a hole That was fueled bi hate and depression Why? Because I had thought Or better put I was told That how I felt inside was wrong It was seen as something different Back then when image was everything

How could I jeopardize that? Stupid, stupid, stupid brain How could you feel this way? Running through the thoughts and emotions Over and over and over again I decided to ignore you For too long actually Because I deemed you as wrong While in reality I was just hiding 

In this closet I made up in my own mind

I lay there, a small rose bud 

Unable to blossom

You were always there, quite often nearbi No longer will I let you be a bistander Its time to come forward

And unshackle these chains Let go the grasp of these bars

Set you free from this prison

We'll love everyone together 

And we'll join hands

I'll be with you

Bi your side

written by Jonathan Friedlander | @jfk.png

Maèl Moss photographed by Gabe Hernandez

Mael Moss | @unapvlvgetic Gabe Hernandez | @gabeovr

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