Let me stay

Our relationship is like lying

in bed at 9am; so comfortable.

I think I could never leave

in a sandwich of warm plush

almost weightless

underneath the heavy down blanket

I know eventually

I will have to

forsake this temporary sanctuary

but for now, I choose to bask in the

feelings of Safety and Familiarity

Please, tell me we could grow old together

and let me believe you.

Alas, I have chosen

Comfort over Love before

and like lying in bed through the afternoon

the satisfaction I stayed for does not result.

Love does not manifest -- only Resentment Soon the plush will harden to Concrete,

leaving just casts of the lovers we once were,

took weak to break the mold.

We'll let the Concrete

suck the life from our skin.

And watch each other wither away

-written by Beverly Setzer

Tylor shot by McKenna Hudson.

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