made it this far

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

I exist all of the time.

even when I feel like I'm floating

I can't tell if time is passing me by

or if I'm pouring it down the drain

it feels like it's been a day

sometimes like it's been a week

it's only been five minutes

I must be smiling


people are smiling back at me

I can't believe I am here

I have no idea where I am

you'd think I'd be scared

but I'm not

'cause I'm floating.

I'm comfortable floating

the breeze rolls through my hair

bouncing off the goosebumps

bursting through my skin.

no one seems to notice

the storm inside of me

to them I'm just floating

like a hot air balloon

seemingly calm and steady

I hope I'll start descending soon.

my feet miss the soil.

-writer has asked to remain anonymous

Reilly Donahue photographed by Taylor Steinmeyer.

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