measured in blood

Can melancholy be measured in blood? If so, I'd bleed out a flood. All of the bad, All of the good. The dark places I've been, The bright places I've stood. All of the confusion All of the chagrin- This middle-ground that I swim within.

There's a scale between happiness and sadness. Balance is a matter of consciousness. The intensity of life can't be dumbed-down. Contentment is there but it has to be found. Somehow, it all simplifies when you're around. Maybe life itself doesn't have to be a battleground. I lay here in your arms, wrapped in a bound. With you, dark nights feel safe and sound. I hope it's the same by your account. How happy you make me is paramount- But the ways you can hurt me's an unfathomable amount.

-written by Meredith Lemon

Photo by Joseph Boyle

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