middle children

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Born too late to explore earth

too early to explore the stars

we’re middle children

no great war

no purpose

I’m homesick for a place I’m not sure exists.

A new frontier, a new world

it’s hard to stay on the ground

all the greed and destruction

we’re seen as no more than a consumer

one individual consumer among 7 billion.

Deep down craving responsibility

a cause to fight for

a group to belong to

yet the cynicism and irony

which pervades the world

prevents us from ever truly

becoming invested in any of these.

I can’t even see the stars in the city

but on a dark night I look up

I can only hope one day we get there

but for now I’ll do my part

this is our new frontier

high above the world

where regardless of abuse

hopelessness and pain

you are the one in control.

The human spirit lives on.

-written by Josh I.

Photo by Josh I.

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