my first heartbreak

The first time

I felt a sting from the inside Was when I heard my mom and dad

in the living room Holding hands, yet so far apart I crawled behind the couch to listen in I knew something was wrong

but I was only six

My dad told me to come out

as he saw my reflection in the fireplace They sat me down on our worn out

leather couch and we had a face to face They told me they were separating

and that it’s not my fault

But once I heard those words My world began to fall apart I didn’t understand why things ended the way they did I was only a kid with stories like Cinderella that danced in my head I’d only known of happy endings and love that never fails Until the day my mom and dad weren’t happy anymore and everything around me

became more real

written by Morgan | @nagromy

Rachael Koch photographed by Bryan Brandon in Las Vegas, Nevada

Rachael Koch | @rachaelthedinosaur Bryan Brandon | @bryanbrndn

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