My watch

Everyone has their own clock

sometimes the ticking stops

My watch, it ticks

In its very own way

Sometimes the ticking drives me insane

But at least it's there, consistently turning

occasionally the time is concerning

But then it changes, and I adjust

Because time keeps going, with or without us

But my watch is mine

Different than yours

My hands, my face,

All I can really endure

Your watch is different than mine

Showing your hands on a different time

Sometimes our ticking aligns

A moment of peace

It makes sense, balance

Nice to have a bit of compliance

It may not last long

Which is perfectly fine

Because your watch is yours

This watch is mine.

And I am on it. Every second

Every minute

Every hour

Of Everyday

This is the only clock I can change

This is my face to read

My personal speed

It is my time to take

Your have your own

Maybe one day we can

meet in the same time zone.

-written by Sarah Desourdy

Photo by Jesse Paciocco.

Sarah Desourdy - Instagram @sarahdesourdy

Jesse Paciocco - Instagram @toucvn

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