Our Home, On Stilts~

I miss my sisters
I hope they're okay
I heard the other day one was sent away
For drinking too much and feeling too little
Bleeding and breaking our bones are so brittle
It runs in the family 
I've seen them all fall
taking months upon months to return a call
I lost one of them around three years ago
taken too early she won't see me grow
Into the person that I wanna be
not who my mom tells me she sees
I love my brothers but at times they're too harsh
scraping their knees at a local skate park
Maybe it was the pavement or the path already paved
I've seen all of them slowly lose their way
but we will be okay
We are a strong crowd
with love and awareness we have been endowed
Thanks to my parents who at times can be shitty 
but without my dad I would never be witty
and without my mom I would have no soul
no one who sees the warmth in my cold.
We all love each other 
even though we're not well
We have all been there when another has fell
I am not alone and neither are they 
life can be tricky 
this is the game that it plays

written by Tealy McLean

Godric by Devin Hunter

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