real love, real pain

Breezy shot by Gabe Hernandez

we are all so encased in our lives

what happened then in the past

what's happening now in the present

what's going to happen in the future

we never realize how critical it is

to just stop and smell the fucking roses

honestly if you take a moment to stop

running around all the time

seriously stop and focus on the true moment

what's real and what you can control

maybe you'll realize how beautiful

just about anything could be

i'm not a master at this myself either

but I'm trying to learn

maybe this is written more for myself

in the end anyways, I just hope to connect

with anyone if just for a moment

then again don't we all

as humans all we want is connection

real, genuine connection

someone to understand all the shit

that we are going through

someone to be there

someone to cling to

someone that sweeps you off your fucking feet

laughs at your jokes

brings out your truest, most vulnerable self

someone who cares more than you do

ugh it's disgusting I know but

there is a four letter word we all know

that comes with more weight and more

baggage than most can handle

love, yes I'm talking about the infamous L word

love love love love love

whether it is real or fake

hell, what do I know

it could just be made up malarkey

but then again nothing quite else describes

that spark you get from someone you hold dear

the pounding in your heart when that someone

is in your view or that twinkle you see

in their eyes when they link with your own

love is the word we use to describe

what we can't describe because it almost seems

as if these scenarios don't exist but

we all want it, we all see it everywhere

it's almost as if we are programmed from the start

to search for it and search we shall, oh yes, we shall

but why does it feel as if whenever we go out of our way

to feel and to show your more tender side

this four letter word is almost always attached to

another four letter word but this one is less flashy

real love brings real pain

i'm assuming no one wants to to feel hurt

that would make you a masochist

but yet we all do it to ourselves time and time again

then again can you really and truly feel real love without

accepting the fact that real pain comes along with it?

call me naive, call me insane, call me whatever you want

but as much pain and sorrow it brings me

i'm always so quick to jump right back on the horse

again and again and again

why do I do this to myself?

that I can't answer

all I know is something real and something genuine

is waiting for me, may it be far or near

that's not for me to know

for now all I can do is show love to myself

my work, my peers and the world in front of me

and eventually one day real love will find me

when I'm least expecting it to

but this time around I won't be scared

of the real pain that comes with it

written by Jonathan Friedlander | @jkf.png

Gabe Hernandez | gbreal__ Breezy | @breezy210

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