Self portraits by Taylor Steinmeyer | @euphoric_shadovvs

I thought it would be the nights

That’s what I feared the most

The slowing down

Making it stop

Just long enough

To get my heart to stop pounding

To get the weight off my chest

To get the loop of images out of my head

Like a movie

Being fast forwarded

Then rewind

Then forward




Fast forward


I thought it would be the afternoons

Full of what do I do now

Boredom strikes

The sun is still a peaceful blanket

Wishing I had someone to share it with

But no

It wasn’t the silent nights

Or the peaceful afternoons

That I should have been scared of

Because when I woke up


Slightly cold

The sun tip toeing into my room

That’s when the wave crashed on my chest

When my arms wrapped around me

The tears streamed down my face

All I wanted to hear was a

“Shh, everything’s okay.”

So that’s what I said

And I’ll say it a million times

Until there is nothing but that

And sleep on my mind

written by Sarah Desourdy | @sarahdesourdy

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