Steady Climb the Death Toll

This powerful image was shot by Julio Cortez @julythephotoguy yesterday, May 28th, 2020 at 11:59pm in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Racism exists within the walls of the land of the chained.

Folks record whilst a black man or woman or kid gets a bullet through their brain. Racism exists within the comforts of homes that don't teach love and brotherhood. Trust me, I know a few personally. Racism exists within the hearts that generational families were taught to consume hate, nothing positive about living a life of good. They say "The home of brave, the land of the free". (Scoffs) Imagine if it was me.

How can the men and women in blue honor the motto "To protect and to serve" when some have urges to kill our brother like a mockingbird?

He pleaded that he could not breathe, yet the faintly whisper of death in his voice was ignored not to be heard. I feel sorry for Floyd's family, I feel sorry for the officers involved families because kids get to see their false idol like heroes fall like Lucifer got the boot out of heaven.

Tears shed from the kids. Rage fills the American people ready to do a bid. The American people are preparing to pull a @50cent slogan #getthestrap for a full on rioting and looting attack. Uh-oh Po Po, watch your back.

They're packing the heavy steel to cock it back like Boyz in Da Hood, hoping the police will "RUN BOY RUN!" like Ricky. Injustice will no longer stand tall, things are getting sticky.

President Trump I suggest you man up before I take over the oval office with God and real leadership to bury the hatred, spread the word of love, bury the divide.. so my son and my brother's sons don't have to grow up to watch their backs and all they see is the devil's eyes.

Firing Minnesota Police involved isn't enough. We need justice not only for one but for all. United we stand, the ones creating division with an agenda should fall. Black is beautiful. Black isn't vain. Black has suffered enough in America's past.

Black is here to stay.

Black isn't a disappearing on its own when the Dark Magician has the Majik.


written by Antonio F. Logan | @mrlogan89

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