Suffocating September

You asked me

if it would ever get better

Broken glass

we swallowed it together

Unable to speak

her vocal chords leaked

Bitter blood

The kind that tastes sweet

if you drink it long enough

Her veins remained drained

Unable to grasp the chains that chased her

East to west

The sun always sets delicately

when my head lays


on your chest

I’m a mess

I opened up a dictionary

of obscured sorrows

and read my autobiography


A prison inside this house I call a home

The rain beats down on me

the same way that you do

Every time I get the courage to stand

you slander my name and shove me back

into reprimand- punishment

The minute you step into the light I fall in love

And you fall angry

Where do we differ darling?

Who replaced your clemency

with jealousy, with bitter arguments- fallacies.


How long will it be until we fall in love?

The real question is does love exist

in this dissipated home

or are we suffocating one by one?

Promiscuous bedrooms swallow her whole

And the glass in her lungs protrudes out from her soul

Blood continues to pour slowly down her back

But you stay quiet, submissive and encourage the attack

But what’s new?

You’ve always been as sick

as the empty body of the morals that left you

Hello September.

written by Taylor Zande | @tmzxo

Casie and Anthony taking portraits in the studio in Los Angeles, California.

Casie Wendel - model, photographer, and stylist | @casiewndl Anthony Freeman - model, photographer, and stylist | @anthonywx

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