I miss you

But i don’t miss him

The part of you that was covered in sin

Fighting the demons you had within 

They came out to play

More and more every day

It could only last for so long 

Before the tune became an every day song 

In my head and in yours 

Till it was so loud I couldn’t take it anymore

I miss you 

But I don’t miss him

He grabbed your arm and took you in

Into the dark and swallowed you whole

Became you entirely and ate your soul

I know you’re there

Somewhere in the dark

Crying alone waiting for a spark 

A spark of light to bring you back

Control is what he has and what you lack 

I miss you 

But I don’t miss him

Nobody knows how or when

You’ll be back

One day I hope

I still have not found a way to cope

You took a piece of me but I haven’t lost hope

you left me for him, ran for the hills

Swallowed his toxicity like a hand full of pills

He dragged you away 

You screamed and you cried

The day that he took you a piece of me died 

I did all I could, I tried my best 

But I have something to confess

I miss you. So much. 

I kind of miss him.

He was a part of you, something within 

So I miss all of you.

I’m sorry he won

I pray one day that you find the sun

My heart aches hearing your cries

Every day and every night

You’re in my dreams 

He’s in my nightmares

I wake up in sweats I feel him everywhere 

Open your eyes love


Don’t let him win. 

Let the life you deserve to live, begin.

-written by Sarah Desourdy

Photo by Sarah Desourdy.

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