The She Wolf

Never abuse your power;

demonstrate loyalty

Gently re-direct me to find my own authority Show warmth; And validate Nothing more I can ask

Nothing more I can take

But please don't pry at me

don't judge

or distort

my anxiety

Show me you are

predictable with consistency

Not asking for much

Just a heart's assistant


Balanced feedback

is what I hold

“strike when iron is cold”

Don't get caught up

in my catastrophizing

It's my mind sizing

To a level of connection

A level of revising

Don't interrupt me,

I get defensive quickly

Be direct,

Otherwise I'll project

my insecurity.

I never asked myself

Is it just me?

Is it god the almighty?

Prying at my inner seed?

Getting me to see

The actual thief?



Still looking at me

Mirror image

of what it looks like to see


Both sides of the wolf

Both sides of me.

Wolf and little red riding

Knew what they were up to

The pattern laid flat and clear

It's like natures questioning you

Don't you see?

It's the world questioning the wolf

Inside of you and me?

I can drop this image of me

The one who decides which version

of herself deserves to be.

So I remind myself again

I am what I am

And so

I will be

What I will be

Natures lessons

I abide by thy.

She is wolf

She is Thy

Cries for nothing

Loyalty in the mirror image

Of me


And thy

That's where I find the truth

That's where I'm free.

I find myself the most

In isolation and just being.

I am Mellowhead.

And I am

The She Wolf.

-words by Jordan Naico

Jordan Naico photographed by Hanna Groh.

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