the skin you grew

if only I could fly away from all of my problems for example feeling lost of astray feeling vain in a way I don’t feel whole like I won’t find my wings I don’t appreciate this being I feel utterly at a loss

for the things i acted

I had no idea of the cost like a coin toss there’s only 2 outcomes you win or lose

you grow wings

or you don’t at all you just get tossed from the heavens at the end of it all because you didn’t earn your flight you were always in spite of the skin you grew but oh, if only you knew, the world isn’t so harsh isn’t so mean and dark don’t attack yourself everyone has a beast at heart you have a young mind

and an old soul but this is just the beginning this is just the start but this is the last clue you can still grow your wings, even at 82 you are still learning said the wise Michelangelo so even then you can still be earning your wings just know opening your heart is being torn apart

beauty is pain that in which leads to gain the world is at your fingertips press start; to grow, to love & to care for people truly love to stare at people who have wings

written by Hannah Metzger

photo by Hannah Metzger

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