the truest truth

The stakes in life tend to appear

astronomically high even when

they are not- this is a truth.

Every night when the sun goes to sleep

so does the light- this is a truth.

Even though he returns

just as quickly as he left,

which is almost a relief,

he once again leaves us

right on schedule, like clockwork

taking his marvelous

grand exit from the biggest stage

the universe can offer.

we watch and applaud

as he leaves behind traces of color

a reminder that he once again

will return to to us- this is a truth.

Yet still, an immense grief

is left within and around me

it is when the sky washes over in

black and the moon

bright like a precious pearl

lifts herself up,

celebrating herself,


I can feel the crushing weight

of the entire universe enter my skin:

Blind. Confused. Lost.

Unaware, by choice.

Lying to everyone

themselves included

they spend their nights

rummaging around frantically

in the darkest parts of their space

where they see nothing,

trying to make sense of

the space they occupy but the

absence of light blinds them from

Where they really are.

Who they really are.

Why they really are-

this is their truth.

It is not mine.

When that weight consumes me,

seeping into my skin

wrapping itself around my bones

the stakes in life

again, appear astronomically high

and I, too, become

Blind. Confused. Lost.

Unaware by choice.

I, like them, lie to everyone

myself included, I spend my nights

rummaging around frantically

in the darkest parts of my space

and in that moment

I, not unlike them, see nothing

then I, like them, try to make sense of

the space I occupy but the

absence of light blinds me, like them, from

Where I really am.

Who I really am.

Why I really am.

Their truth becomes my truth

which was not my intention.

Every morning when

the moon exits the stage

taking her final bowright on schedule

like clockwork

so does the darkness- this is a truth.

I, not unlike a phoenix,

finally lift myself from the ash

rising above the burning embers

in which I had thrown myself

,and the sun, the king of the sky

returns on schedule

like clockwork

striking us with a warm glow

revealing the truest truth:

Like the sun and the moon

you will fall and you will rise.

Like the light and the dark

you will be blind and

you will once again see.

The truth is that the

weight is not a weight at all

It is just a truth- this is a truth.

written by Mack Fensterstock | @mackfensterstock

Photos by Joseph Boyle | @joewut

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