They Say Love is Blind

5:45 a.m. I walked into a Starbucks downtown and she turned around and introduced herself, her green eyes could stop the world from spinning I swear it. I went for the handshake, got a hug, the kind that felt like home; she melted into the middle of my chest, and I caught a faint hint of her perfume. We grabbed our coffee, walked the streets of downtown, decided against one roof and tried another. Flawless execution. We were on the roof in the blink of an eye. The fog that morning was ethereal, rising into the heavens, the entire city was blanketed.  We took a few shots and then put the cameras down, climbing onto the edge, hundreds of feet above the city, looking down on an ocean of fog, the substance of dreams.  We talked for hours as our feet dangled in the fog, and I was falling quickly; I knew I was royally fucked but being the hopeless romantic I am, I embraced the moment. I told her my friends were going to meet us in 30 minutes to which she replied “30 minutes huh?”, gazing at me with those impeccable green eyes. Universal energy aligned in that moment, as our eyes met so did our hands, and in perfect sequence, our lips did too. There we were, hundreds of feet above it all, engulfed in celestial fog, our lips interlocked.  As we were leaving I grabbed my bag and looked toward our exit until I heard her voice behind me. There she was, standing on the corner of the roof, a breath between her and death, staring straight through me in that way only she could. “Kiss me here”, she asked with a shy smile; I smiled back and thought to myself, “Damn, it’s gonna hurt like hell when she leaves.” It did. My biggest mistake wasn’t loving her, my biggest mistake was letting myself believe she loved me too.

-written by Issac Wright

Photo by Isaac Wright.

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