time isn't real

The sun is glimmering

through the pine needles

of the pine trees, above our heads

An invigorating breeze blows as we lay content with life on the ground wishing time to stand still in these moments

In this moment The night filled with strong drink and laughter

We wait patiently for morning to come to be lazy in the sheets of each others bare skin still reminiscing of the time spent caressing one another trying to figure out what exactly it is we’re feeling Pupils extended outward to visualize the future yet the future is not where we wish to be

Let’s stay fixated on the blues

yellows and greens of the sunrise because we stayed up until 6 am again Let’s wallow in life now stay in the present and be one Tomorrow will come but there is no rush Time isn’t real but we are written by Caleb Sarvis | @cdsarvis

Gin photographed by Felice in Toronto, Ontario.

Gin | @ginandjustice Felice | @felice.c0m

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