they say everything

falls at the same velocity

but I don't think isaac newton

ever heard you speak because

if words were like knives

yours leave bullet holes

and I swear to god

those who say actions

speak louder than words

only ever met people like me

because your voice is

interchangeable with the comfort

you get when hugging

the one you love

mistakable for thunder

and i don't mean to bring

religion into this

but your hands

remind me of the kind

god would give to someone

to hold the world

you know, winston churchill's

last words were

"i'm bored with it all,"

and i'm starting to think

everything i ever wrote

was a prayer asking for you

written by Sunni Burks | @lilmintjuulpod

Vanessa shot by Celeste Call in Berlin, Germany

Vanessa | @wasgehtvan Celeste Call | @celestecall

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