Where has my head gone

Where has my head gone?

Amongst the mile zero cloud of smoke. Ketchup and mustard sea saucing all around me. Walking through this Moses split sauce sea. Time has stopped. Or so I believed. But actually time is moving faster. And I have stopped. You see? Do you see me or am I a figment of my own imagination? Where has my head gone? Amongst these cats of tabby and russian fur. My coats getting too heavy in this heat. And my brain is begging to boil. I eat from either side of the caterpillars fugal diet. Deliberating as I chew, and walk, and chew, and walk, and chew. I need water. It’s time to switch out the hubba bubba for the juicy fruit.

Written by Caleb Sarvis | @cdsarvis

Keagan photographed by Dylan in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Keagan | @lowkeykeagan Dylan | @hi_its_dylan

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