Why be in love

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

I’m in love...

I’m in love with two separate beings

two separate human beings

living together in one household

coming together and going apart

I'm in love with my husband.

I'm in love with the way he giggles when I trip

and the way he holds me from behind

when I’m brushing my teeth in the morning.

I’m in love with the warmth of his skin

and the smell of his hair

when we lie in bed next to one another.

I’m in love with his quirky boardgames

and his goofy love of puzzles

but firstly I’m in love with myself,

I’m in love with the genuine kindness

I give to others

I’m in love with the individuals

I choose to surround myself with

I’m in love with all the scars,

stretch marks, and scrapes on my body

I’m in love with my hair (what little of it I have left)

I’m in love with the uncoordinated way

I go through life tripping and falling

I’m in love with my lengthy legs

and lengthy arms which have carried my body

this far through life..., and I’m in love with

the weird things I can’t understand about myself

Because why be in love with one person

when you can be in love with two?

-Written by Michael Betzner

Camryn and Maria shot by Gabriel Hernandez

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